Hapanstance is based in Brooklyn and inspired by the beach: the kitsch of Coney Island, the laid-back awesome of coastal California, & the paradise of the Caribbean. We turn it all into things you can wear and love.

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Hi, I'm April.

I'm the owner, designer, and everything of Hapanstance. I love making jewelry and have done it since I was a kid. My designs are heavily influenced by growing up in Los Angeles, spending summers in Hong Kong, and the time I spent on the beaches of San Diego and throughout Latin America before moving to NYC.
I've been lucky to travel a lot, particularly though Asia, Latin America, and the American Southwest. The colors and motifs of these places have influenced my aesthetic and I employ them in my jewelry. The "hapa" in "hapanstance" is the Hawaiian word for "half" and has come to refer to people of mixed Asian heritage, like me.
Otherwise, I work for a tech company by day - it balances out the occasional angst of coming up with new designs. In my spare time I love exploring NYC and the surrounding areas (shoutout to the Hudson Valley, eastern Long Island, and Outer Banks) and like taking pictures while out and about. I have occasional photography shows around NYC and you can find a few of my pics here: apopofcolor.co.